Hundreds protest fatal shooting of black teen by Chicago police

Hundreds of people gathered to protest the fatal shooting death of a black unarmed teenager by Chicago police.

(CBS) – Hundreds of demonstrators marched in Chicago to protest the fatal police shooting of a black unarmed teen in the city last month.

Authorities released videos that captured the moments before and after police shot Paul O’Neal, 18, on July 28, but not the shooting itself because a police officer’s body camera was not recording.

No firearms were found on O’Neal, who was shot in the back, according to police.

Chicago police said the videos indicate three officers may have violated the department’s policies of not firing into or at a moving car when the vehicle was the only potential use of force by a suspect.

A string of high-profile killings of black men by police in various U.S. cities in the past two years has renewed a national debate about racial discrimination in the criminal justice system and given rise to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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