Knife-wielding woman shot by police in U.S. capital

A knife-wielding woman is in stable condition after being shot by a Washington, D.C. police officer.

WASHINGTON D.C., UNITED STATES (AUGUST 8, 2015) (NBC) – A police officer in Washington D.C. shot a knife-wielding woman after she refused orders to drop her weapons, police said on Saturday (August 8).

The incident was captured on social media and shows a woman with what looks like knives in her hand in a standoff with police as dozens of area residents looked on.

According to NBC, the incident occurred as firefighters were responding to a fire in a row house in the Northeast section of the city.

“When the officers got out on the scene they encountered a woman who apparently had multiple knives. She has some sort of mask or goggles or something on her face and confronted the officers as they tried to approach the scene,” said Washington D.C. chief of police, Cathy Lanier.

“This person then refused commands not only by the officer but from people in the crowd to drop the knife, and then started toward the officer and the officer fired one round,” added Lanier.

Gerald McBrayer, who said he witnessed the shooting, said the woman was not a threat to the police and should not have been shot.

“She wasn’t no threat to him or none of that stuff. He pulled out his gun. He didn’t give her no warning, no nothing. She didn’t come towards him or nothing. He shot one time in her chest. All he had to do is shot at least in her leg the arm,” said McBrayer.

Lanier said the suspect is in a local hospital in stable condition. An eyewitness told NBC the woman was shot in the shoulder.