Norwegian police uncover large paedophile ring

Police in Bergen, Norway’s second biggest city, have uncovered what appears to be the biggest child abuse ring in Norwegian history.

BERGEN, NORWAY (NOVEMBER 20, 2016) (TV2) – Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said on Monday (November 21) said police should prioritise crimes committed against children referring to a paedophile network exposed by Bergen police.

Fifty-one men have been charged with rape and sexual assault against children in Norway following a year-long police operation named “Operation Dark Room.”

According to police, the men, who belonged to several paedophile networks, come from all walks of life and have been communicating with each other on the so-called dark web. The police have registered 5,500 profiles in the case.

In the operation, police seized photos, movies and chat transcripts.

According to Norwegian broadcaster TV2, police have managed to get access to the men’s conversations by using new and groundbreaking methods.

In one of the conversations, abuse of a baby who was not yet born at the time, was planned.

At a news conference, police outlined the assaults towards children, carried out both physically and over the Internet.

“A large number of pictures, videos and chats are confiscated and examined. In the confiscation, we have found coarse assaults towards children of all ages, including infants,” Chief Inspector Hilde Reikras said.

“During the investigation, Vest Police District have stopped ongoing abuse, identified several aggrieved parties, as well as identified and registered several perpetrators,” she added.

According to TV2, the investigation began when a 14-year-old girl came to the police headquarters in Bergen in September last year. She reported a 22-year-old man for sexual assault. He was arrested and the police found several suspicious items on his computer, among other things a contact list which led the police to a number of unknown suspected paedophiles.

Reikras started working on the case. At first on her own and partly in her spare time but as the investigation grew, “Operation Dark Room” was set up.

In the end, 25 people were working on the case, including undercover agents, IT experts and sexual crime detectives.