Police gun down suspect in Denmark shootings

(Next Media) – A 22-year-old Danish-born man was shot dead by police on Sunday after he was suspected of opening fire at an event promoting free speech and killing two people at a Copenhagen synagogue over the weekend.

Police said his actions may have been inspired by the attack on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

Local media outlets are reporting the gunman’s identity as Omar El-Hussein, but this has not been confirmed. However, spy chief Jens Madsen said the gunman was known to intelligence services before the shootings took place. Police said he had a record of violence, gang-related activities and weapons possession.

A synagogue guard and a filmmaker were the two people who were killed at the synagogue, while five police were wounded in the two separate attacks in Copenhagen Saturday and Sunday.

According to witnesses, the gunman fired up to 40 shots at a cafe hosting a free speech event with Swedish artist Lars Vilks. He then went to a nearby synagogue where a young girl’s confirmation was taking place and gunned down a guard there.

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