Rolf Harris ‘mocks abuse victims in prison song’ – Mail on Sunday

Convicted child sex offender Rolf Harris mocks his victims as money-grabbing “wenches” in a letter and song lyrics sent to a friend, who handed it to the UK Mail on Sunday newspaper, the paper says.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (JUNE 30, 2014) (REUTERS) – Convicted paedophile and former broadcaster Rolf Harris has mocked his victims as money-grabbing “worms” in a song written from his jail cell, Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper said on Sunday (June 14), publishing a letter which the paper said had been sent to a friend.

In the letter, the disgraced entertainer, some of whose victims were as young as seven or eight, described those he had abused as “slimy little woodworms” and “perfumed sultry wenches”, according to the paper.

Harris, 85, says in the letter: “After eight months inside, the inner rage has come to the fore. I’ve started writing a song about the injustice of it all,” the paper said.

Harris, a household name in his native Australia and adopted home Britain, was jailed for almost six years last year for 12 counts of assaulting four girls between 1968 and 1986.

Handing down the sentence, Judge Nigel Sweeney said the 84-year-old, known for shows such as “Rolf Harris Cartoon Time” and songs including “Two Little Boys”, had shown no remorse for the harm he had done to his victims.