Surveillance shows Christian Taylor breaking into a car before the shooting

USA (Next Media) – Surveillance video released by the Classic Buick GMC dealership in Arlington, Texas shows 19-year-old Christian Taylor wandering around the dealership lot and vandalizing a silver mustang before being shot dead by police early Friday morning.

In the video, Taylor’s jeep pulled up outside of the gates of the car dealership off Interstate 20 at 12:52 a.m. on Friday. After failing to open the door of a silver truck, Taylor climbed on top of a silver Mustang and stomped on the car’s windshield at 1:02 a.m. Taylor stomped and jumped on the hood before pulling up the now broken windshield and easing himself into the car at 1:07 a.m. At 1:13 a.m., Taylor got back into his SUV and crashed into the dealership’s glass showroom.

By 1:16 a.m., two Arlington police officers responding to a burglary call also entered the showroom to confront Taylor. Taylor refused to surrender though, and tried to escape through locked doors, Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson said.

An altercation took place inside the dealership lobby where a rookie officer, 49-year-old Brad Miller, fired four shots while the other officer, a 19-year veteran, used a Taser, said Johnson. However, Johnson was not able to describe the shooting or how close either of the policemen were to Taylor when Miller opened fire.

Taylor suffered gunshot wounds to the neck, chest and abdomen and died at the scene. An ambulance pulled up to the showroom at 1:30 a.m.

Officer Miller has since been placed on leave and Arlington police have asked the FBI to join the investigation to determine any possible criminal case or policy violations in the death of Taylor by the hands of rookie cop, said Johnson in a press conference.

“We recognize the importance of these topics, the impact these issues have on communities throughout our nation, and we pledge to act in a transparent manner in an effort to alleviate these concerns,” Johnson said.

Miller joined Arlington police in September 2014 and had been in field training under the supervision of a police training officer since graduating from the academy in March. The 16-week training period was about to be up, according to police. Miller has no previous police experience and this was the first time he fired his weapon at a person while on duty.

SOURCES: WFAA-TV, New York Daily News