Swedish doctor on trial for rape and holding woman hostage in a bunker

A Swedish man suspected of drugging, raping and holding a woman in a self-built bunker for almost a week is due to stand trial.

OSTRA GOINGE, SWEDEN (JANUARY 18, 2016) (REUTERS) – A Swedish doctor has been charged with kidnapping, aggravated rape and holding a woman locked up in a bunker for almost one week.

According to the prosecutor, the 38-year-old man is suspected of having drugged the woman in central Stockholm on September 12, 2015, raped her and thereafter transported the woman to a property in southern Sweden where he kept her locked up in a bunker for almost one week.

“This man is charged with drugging a woman in Stockholm, he has had sexual intercourse with her while she was unconscious or slept, and abducted her to his residence outside Kristianstad, Skaane where he held her in a bunker he’s built over the past five years,” Chief Prosecutor, Peter Claeson said.

According to media reports, the doctor used strawberries laced with a sedative to knock out the woman before putting her in a wheelchair and driving her to his home in southern Sweden.

Still photographs from the preliminary investigation show masks the man wore to disguise himself during the 520-kilometre journey from Stockholm to his house where, according to the prosecutors, he had spent several years building a sound and light-proof bunker with two security doors.

According to local media, the case came to light when the suspect, together with the woman, walked into a police station in Stockholm on September 18 last year, after the woman was reported missing. They said the suspect wanted the woman to assure police that she was fine. But when police took the woman to the side, she revealed she had been held by the man.

“The motive for this kidnapping and imprisonment: the man has told us that he intended the woman to become his girlfriend and she was to stay there for several years,” Claeson said.

The man has admitted to all but the rape charge.

The trial will start in Stockholm on January 25.