Teenagers death sparks violence in S.Africa

Houses were set alight on Monday (May 8) as racial tensions flared in South African town of Coligny in North West province after a court granted bail to two white farmers who were accused of killing a black teenage boy. Report by Pascale Davies.

COLIGNY, NORTH WEST PROVINCE, SOUTH AFRICA (ENCA / SABC) – South Africans protest outside a court room demanding justice for the death of a black 16 year old who was allegedly murdered by two white farmers last month.

But they say they didn’t get it this time.

Racial tensions flaring as a result – a white famer fights with a journalist, police clash with protesters, and houses in the town of Coligny in the North west of the country are set alight.

The suspects at the centre of teenager Mathlhmola Jonas Mosweu’s death- Pieter Dorreward and Phillpp Schutte stand accused of throwing him off a moving vehicle after catching him stealing sunflowers.

But they claim, they were driving him to the local police station when he allegedly jumped off the vehicle and died.

They’ve been granted bail because the witness couldn’t confirm whether he saw the 16 year old being thrown from the vehicle.

The teenager’s prosecutor unsatisfied with the outcome:


“We respect the court ruling to grant the accused bail, but we are disappointed.”

The suspects will return to court for trial next month.

But violence could soon erupt again.

Last month, businesses, houses, and vehicles were looted in protests sparked by the teenager’s death.

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