Two police officers are fired after violent traffic stop

Two police officers have been fired after amateur videos show a violent traffic stop in Georgia.

GWINNETT COUNTY, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES (APRIL 13, 2017) (BLACK LIVES MATTER GREATER ATLANTA) – It began with a punch, but it didn’t end there, and now two police officers in Georgia have been fired.

Gwinnett County Police Chief Butch Ayers is firing both Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni and Officer Robert McDonald, after two videos surfaced showing their treatment of Demetrius Hollins during a traffic stop.

One video shows Bongiovanni punching Hollins as he tried to arrest him.

Another video shows McDonald running up to assist Bongiovanni before stomping Hollins in the head on the pavement.

The incident report filed by Bongiovanni said Hollins was driving erratically, smelled of marijuana, and resisted arrest. It said a handgun was also recovered from the car.

But authorities also say Bongiovanni made no mention of the punch in incident reports… and then the video surfaced.

After being hospitalized, the victim, Demetrius Hollins was released with injuries to his face. His lawyer says they’re waiting for the investigations of the officers to conclude before moving forward with any legal action.