Woman arrested in Moscow for murder after brandishing child’s severed head

Russian investigators have arrested a nanny and charged her with murdering a young child in her care after local media broadcast footage of a woman brandishing a severed infant’s head near a Moscow metro station.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (FEBRUARY 29, 2019) (SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE) – Moscow investigators said on Monday (February 29) a woman was arrested in Moscow for murder after brandishing child’s severed head near a busy Moscow metro station.

Investigators said the woman, an unnamed nanny was from Central Asia and that she was undergoing psychiatric testing to see if she was mentally sound and understood the significance of the crime they said she had committed.

Social media websites published video footage of a woman identified as the nanny. Clad in black, she was seen wandering around the street holding up a child’s severed head high in the air.

Local media said a policeman had approached the woman to check her documents and that she had responded by removing the child’s head from a bag and begun shouting that she had killed the infant.

One reporter, from the Russian RBC daily, said she had heard the woman screaming “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great).

In other footage of the scene, the woman can be heard shouting about the end of the world while proclaiming herself a terrorist.

Investigators said the murdered child was three or four years old and that the nanny had killed the child in the family’s Moscow flat before setting fire to the premises and fleeing.

The motive for the crime was unknown, they said.