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Woman in northern India films rape by her father to prove abuse

In a shocking incident, a woman in India’s northern Jalaun district films her rape by her father to get proof and convince her family members, who refused to believe the story.

JALAUN, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA (MARCH 18, 2016) (ANI) – In a shocking incident, a woman in Jalaun district in India’s northern Uttar Pradesh state was forced to film her father raping her after her family refused to believe that she was being sexually abused.

The 18-year-old woman had been abused by her father for four years, but when she told her family about it, they did not listen to her.

When she tried to inform her mother about it, the father threatened to kill her.

Exhausted by her father’s abuse and her family’s lack of support, the victim, with the help of her friend, made a video of the act and then showed it to the police.

The police arrested the victim’s father, who has confessed to his crimes.

“She had had enough of her father’s abuse, so she secretly installed a camera and made a video of her father raping her. She showed the video to the police and registered a First Information Report (FIR). We arrested him after registering the FIR,” said Station House Officer (SHO) Alok Saxena on Thursday (March 18).

She used a mobile phone as well as a pen installed with a secret camera to make the film.

“For four years, my father has sexually abused me. I told my family about it but they did not believe me because I had no proof. This time, I obtained proof of his hideous act and was able to bring out the truth,” said the woman.

Police arrested the father on Friday (March 19).

The victim, a B.Sc student who was also pursuing a nursing course, used to live with her sister and father in a rented flat in Jalaun.

A 2012 fatal gang rape of a student on a bus in capital New Delhi turned a global spotlight on the treatment of women in India and drew international outrage.

Most sexual assaults go unreported, but the brutality of the 2012 attack triggered massive protests in the capital.

The annual report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) said there were 337,922 reports of violence against women such as rape, molestation, abduction and cruelty by husbands in 2014, up by 9 percent in 2013.

The data showed that 86 percent of rapes had been committed by close family members such as fathers, brothers and uncles, as well as neighbours, employers, co-workers and friends.