Demonstrators protest against UK’s Conservative government

Anti-Tory protesters demonstrate against the United Kingdom’s newly-elected Conservative government in London.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (MAY 9, 2015) (ITN) – Protesters demonstrated against the United Kingdom’s Conservative government in London on Saturday (May 9).

It was little over 24 hours after British Prime Minister David Cameron claimed a stunning election victory, confounding forecasts that the vote would be the closest in decades and winning a clear majority that left his Labour opponents in tatters.

Despite the unexpectedly decisive outcome, longer-term uncertainty looms over whether Britain will stay in the European Union – and even hold together as a country. Secessionists swept the board in Scotland, and Cameron repeated a promise to hold a referendum on membership in the EU.

There was a large police presence outside the Conservative campaign headquarters on Saturday as protesters chanted slogans and held banners including ones that read, “Get the Tories out!”.

Occupy Democracy – the social movement campaigning for urgent democratic reform – joined other groups outside the Tory headquarters.

The protesters made their way to Parliament Square and eventually Downing Street where they were again met by a heavy number of police who had put barriers in place to block them.

Afterwards the demonstrators marched up to Trafalgar Square where they continued to make their voices heard about the Conservative Party and anti-austerity.