Deadly gas explosion rocks Ghana’s capital

A natural gas station in Ghana’s capital Accra has exploded, causing several casualties, according to government officials. Grace Lee reports.

ACCRA, GHANA (JEFFREY DANIEL-ADOOSEY, LOIS KORANTEN, TWITTER / @AMFOCONNOLLY, TWITTER / @RONNIEAMOFA) – Chaos and fear in Ghana’s capital Saturday (October 7) evening, as residents run from a massive blast caught here on camera by a witness.

According to the government, the giant fireball was created when a natural gas station exploded, killing several people – though that number isn’t clear yet.

Witnesses tell Reuters they counted four or five bodies at the scene.

Many are injured as well.

Officials say the blaze, which spread to a petrol station across the street, is now largely under control.

Residents could be seen evacuating from the area as several emergency vehicles rushed to tend the scene.

A similar explosion at a petrol station in 2015 killed around 100 people in the city.

It was the country’s worst disaster in more than a decade.