Army deployed in northern England as more floods anticipated

The UK government deploys the army to build flood defences in the northern England as more flooding is anticipated around Christmas.

CUMBRIA, UNITED KINGDOM (DECEMBER 25, 2015) (ITN) – The British army has been deployed to build defences in the northern England on Friday (December 25) as more flooding was anticipated in the region during the Christmas period.

In early December more than 5,200 properties were affected by the weekend flooding, according to the Environment Agency. The flood-hit area included the towns of Carlisle, Keswick and Lancaster, and the Lake District National Park, which attracts millions of tourists.

With more than 100 flood alerts issued across the country, the army was sent to help build barricades in the areas that are most likely to be affected again.

“It’s a lot different. Normally we would be spending (Christmas) at home with our families, we’d be on leave this year we are obviously helping other people,” army officer Evans said.

For residents, prospect of more rain with possible flooding is just too much.

“It’s a little but daunting that the army are out putting up flood barriers yet again because as you know there is more heavy rain due today,” one of the locals said.

“Third time if it does, within a fortnight, it’s too much, isn’t it,” another local resident said.

Some families planned to leave the area for the festive period in case floods were to return.

“Well we are going to spend Christmas day with my son and his wife in Clibben, which is only 7 miles away but if the weather carries on like it’s supposed to we might not get back tomorrow, so we are planning maybe a couple of days over there, we will wait and see,” Cumbria county resident Shaw said.

Troops helped to put out sandbags and other types of flood defence in the area, while 700 stuff of the Environment Agency has been on stand-by to help people, UK media reported.