Biggest day ever of climate action, scuffles in Paris

Some 2,000 climate change events take place in cities across the globe on the eve of the Paris climate talks, making this the biggest ever day of climate action in history. Mana Rabiee reports.

(Reuters) – Hopes for the Paris talks are high but on the streets of the French capital demonstrators are angry that not enough is being done over clilmate change.

Riot police fired teargas at some 200 protesters at Place de la Republique — the city’s main gathering place ever since the Paris attacks.

French authorities have banned demonstrations in Paris over security concerns, so a giant march along the city’s streets couldn’t go on.

Instead, some 10,000 people formed a human chain along the march route in protest.


“The idea is to show that all citizens of the world are aware and the common environmental and ecological objective is not individualist. It’s about solidarity and the sharing between populations; that we are all in the same boat that is planet earth.”

Many tens of thousands of people otherwise took part in peaceful marches in major cities… 45,000 in Sydney alone… still others in London, Athens and Madrid. New York and Sao Paulo among others.

Their message to 150 world leaders gathering in Paris?

‘There is “No Planet B” in the fight against global warming’.


“We are here to defend our planet, to fight for a better place for our children to live in the future. We have caused too much damage to our planet in the last 30 years and I really don’t know if we are going to be able to recover it.”

In all, over 2,000 events were held in cities across the globe, making this the biggest day of climate action in history.

Still, all sides say pledges made in Paris won’t be enough to limit a rise in global temperatures by just 2 degrees above pre-industrial days.

That’s the level widely seen as the threshold for dangerous changes in the planet’s climate system.