Paris' iconic Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower lights up with message saying “no plan B” for climate change

Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower lit up with the message “no plan B” for climate change, as global climate talks north of the capital are extended.

PARIS, FRANCE (DECEMBER 11, 2015) (REUTERS) – Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower lit up on Friday (December 11) night with firm messages of encouragement as global climate talks were drawn out past the set Friday deadline.

Messages urged negotiators to “decarbonize”, keep global warming below “1.5 degrees” and said “no plan B”.

Two weeks of United Nations talks to forge a global agreement to temper global warming are set to continue into Saturday (December 12), a day later than scheduled, as officials from 195 nations seek to resolve stubborn differences over how to cut back fossil fuel use and shift the planet toward greener growth.

Despite the delay, many hope the 195 nations meeting in Paris would grasp the strongest agreement yet to bind both rich and poor to curb rising greenhouse gas emissions at the climax of four years of negotiations.

Fraught discussions overnight exposed deep divisions on issues including a proposed goal to phase out net greenhouse gas emissions in the second half of the century.