Heat wave wreaks havoc in north India

North Indians reel under scorching sun and extreme heat wave which kills 335 across India. People use all means to pacify the heat’s effect, but in vain.

VARANASI, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA (MAY 24, 2015) (ANI) – People across north India are reeling under soaring temperature and subsequent heat wave for some time now, and the trend continued on Sunday (May 24) also.

At least 335 deaths have been reported across India due to the heat wave.

A resident of Varanasi city, Shailendra Kumar Shukla, said that the heat has been unbearable and any measure to find respite from it has been fruitless.

“The heat is too much. I have not seen this kind of heat anywhere else. I have lived in Delhi, there too it was not this hot. I have lived in Haryana too, but the heat wave in Varanasi this time is the kind I have never experienced anywhere else,” said Shukla.

Most of the tourist attractions wore a deserted look for the last few days. People venturing out on the streets could be seen covering their faces to protect themselves from the blazing sun.

Meanwhile, Agra city is also witnessing a severe heat wave with temperatures hovering around 45 degrees Celsius.

Atul Aggrawal, a resident of Agra, said the soaring temperature has rendered it impossible to leave house without water bottle.

“The temperature is so high that if you step outside, you need to carry water bottle with you. You will need water after every 15 minutes. Plus the water itself gets warm and becomes undrinkable after some time,” said Aggrawal.

The country’s capital New Delhi also suffered from severe heat wave.

The trend is likely to continue for at least some more days as the meteorological department has predicted no immediate relief from heat wave in India.

India has long-suffered deadly heat waves. Periods of extreme temperatures have led to thousands of deaths since the 1990s.

Northern, western and central parts of India reel under intense heat waves from mid-April to July before monsoon rains hit the region providing relief to people.