We must march towards green future “like Terminator”, Schwarzenegger says

Former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, says much can be achieved in the battle against climate change by cities and regions, who need to march forward “like a Terminator”.

LE BOURGET, FRANCE (DECEMBER 8, 2015) (REUTERS) – Hollywood star turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Tuesday (December 8) that much could be achieved in the green transition by local governments who need to march on “like a Terminator”.

The reference to the action film franchise that made his name prompted laughter from the audience at an event dedicated to the power of cities and regions.

The former governor of California cited numerous examples from his home state of what can be achieved on a local level including a million solar roofs and reductions in gas emissions.

He was speaking in Paris on the sidelines of a United Nations conference attended by 195 parties to secure a global deal to contain global warming.