Scene at epicenter of Tianjin blasts

Tianjin, China China Central Television (CCTV) – Rubble, ruins and burning debris evidence the devastation left behind in the blast site after Wednesday’s massive explosions in north China’s port city Tianjin.

A group of firefighters on Sunday headed into the epicenter of the blast site to conduct a search and rescue mission.

Upon entering the blast site, the firefighters found that some destroyed containers and products loaded inside were still burning, sending plumes of black smoke into air.

It is hard for the firefighters to make significant progress due to difficulties such as the scorching heat released by the burning debris, sharp metal shreds all over the ground and piles of deformed containers blocking their way.

Despite the adverse conditions, around 1,000 firefighters wearing hazmat suits are still combing the blast site in shifts to search for survivors.

The returning firefighters are required to go through a strict sterilizing processes due to the heavy chemical contamination in the area.

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