Survivors face tragic first night after deadly landslide

Roads and bridges lay in destruction as the death toll following a landslide in Colombia’s southwestern border province rises to over 200 with hundreds more injured. Saskia O’Donoghue reports

MOCOA AND ARMERO COLOMBIA (REUTERS / RCN) – Waking up to devastation.

Colombians hit by one of the worst landslides in years.

Over 200 people are estimated to have died in the disaster, which hit Mocoa, the capital of the country’s Putumayo province.

Heavy rains caused several rivers to overflow, pushing sediment onto building and roads.

Over 1000 soliders and police drafting in to help with the rescue effort across 17 affected neighbourhoods.

They say at least 400 further people have been injured – and 200 still missing.

And it’s not just the human cost.

Bridges and roads have been destroyed too – with much of the area now unrecognisable.

The scale of this disaster is significant even for a country with fairly frequent landslides.

Colombia’s deadliest landslide in 1985 was the Armero disaster.

It killed more than 20,000 from a single town.

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