U.S. hunter becomes the hunted

(REUTERS/WHITEHOUSE.GOV /HUNTFOREVER.ORG /TWITTER.COM) – The American dentist and trophy hunter accused of killing Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe is getting a taste of being hunted himself.

The outcry over 13-year-old Cecil’s demise has reached the door of his holiday home in Florida.

The sign reads: ‘You are an abomination – the world will hunt you down’.

The best known lion in Zimbabwe is said to have been lured from a park with bait, shot with an arrow, tracked for 40 hours, shot dead and then beheaded and skinned.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating.

Wildlife biologist Andrew Loveridge who’s previously studied Cecil says he’s saddened but that hunting has a role.


“The reality is that 1.5 million square kilometres of African wildlife habitat is set aside as hunting reserves and that has a huge benefit for conservation and of course hunting does bring in revenue just as photographic tourism brings in revenue but for African politicians, they have to justify why they want to set aside this land for animals rather than people and I think without that revenue they find it very hard to do.”

Palmer, whose membership has been suspended by Safari Club International, admits killing the 13-year-old lion but says he believed the hunt was legal.

An online petition demanding his extradition has exceeded 100,000 signatures.

Cecil was head of two lion prides, among whose members there may be more deaths in the ensuing power struggle.