Eyewitness describes how man tried to seize soldier’s gun at Paris’ Orly airport

An eyewitness describes how a man tried to seize the weapon of a female soldier at Paris’ Orly airport%20Airport&redirect=yes"> and how the airport was then evacuated.

ORLY, FRANCE (MARCH 18, 2017) (BFM) – Around 3,000 passengers were evacuated from Paris’ Orly airport%20Airport&redirect=yes"> after security forces shot dead a man who seized a soldier’s gun on Saturday (March 18).

An eyewitness said the attacker was holding a female soldier by her neck and grabbed her gun. The passengers went down the stairs when they heard shots.

The man who was shot dead by soldiers was the same individual who had shot at security services earlier in the morning in northern Paris and was a radicalised Muslim known to authorities, a police source said. A second police source said the two incidents were linked.

No explosives were found on the body of the man shot dead by security forces at Paris Orly airport%20Airport&redirect=yes"> on Saturday, a French Interior Ministry spokesman said.

Flights were suspended from both terminals of the airport, located 13 km (8 miles) south of Paris, and some flights were diverted to Charles de Gaulle airport north of the capital, airport operator ADP said.

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