Greek police fire stun grenades in Athens scuffles

Protesters clash with Greek police in central Athens ahead of rally in support of “No” vote in the referendum for the EU bailout.

ATHENS, GREECE (JULY 3, 2015) (SKAI TV GREECE) – Greek police threw stun grenades and scuffled with protesters in central Athens on Friday (July 3) , as a rally got underway in support of a ‘No’ vote in a Sunday referendum on whether to endorse an aid deal with creditors.

The scuffles involved a few dozen people, many dressed in black and wearing helmets but quickly appeared to calm.

A spokesman for Greek police said two people were detained.

Two rallies were expected on Friday night in Athens by the supporters of both sides.

One by the supporters of the ‘yes’ vote in the referendum at the old Olmypics Stadium, the Panathenaic stadium. Supporters of the ‘No’ vote were expected at Athens’ Syntagma square where Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was expected to deliver a speech.