Paris reports rise in migrant rough-sleepers

Parisian authorities say there’s been a huge rise in migrants sleeping rough since the demolition of the ‘Jungle’ shanty town in Calais. Paul Chapman reports.

(R Reports) – Authorities in Paris say the number of migrants sleeping rough on its streets has leapt by at least a third since the start of the week.

There’ve always been some along this stretch by the Stalingrad metro station.

But the town hall in Paris says the sharp rise coincides with the demolition of the Jungle migrant shanty town in Calais.

It says the number of migrants, originally around 1, 500, has shot up by a thousand in the last week.

Paris has plans to open two migrant centres but their total combined capacity will be fewer than 1, 000 beds.

The Jungle at Calais was demolished after years serving as an illegal base camp for migrants trying to get to Britain.

Its population of more than 6, 000 has been largely relocated to shelters scattered around the country.

Not all have gone.

Around 1, 400 children and young adults are still there, living in shipping containers turned into shelters.

They get food from a nearby centre, staying on in the hope that a new life in Britain can still be had.

Media reports say other youngsters have been sleeping rough around the port town.

France on Friday angrily called on Britain to take in hundreds of the remaining minors after a UK minister suggested French authorities should do more for them.

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