Work on Calais migrant wall gets underway

Heavy machinery and construction workers are seen along a motorway stretch in Calais as work gets underway to build a wall to secure the approach to the city from migrants trying to reach Britain.

CALAIS, FRANCE (SEPTEMBER 19, 2016) (REUTERS) – Work on building a wall along the approach road to the French port of Calais to try to stop migrants from jumping aboard trucks bound for Britain was in full swing on Monday (September 19).

Diggers, tractors and cement trucks were preparing the foundations of the wall which is expected to be four metres (13 ft) high and to be built along both sides of a 1-km (0.6 mile) stretch of road.

A document shown at a public meeting organised by the Port of Calais in July showed the wall would be made of smooth concrete to make it harder to scale, but lined with plants and vegetation on the inside to minimize the visual impact.

France dismantled the southern half of the Jungle migrant camp in February and March and the government has announced it would shut down the rest, but gave no timeframe.