ISIS detonates ice truck at an Iraqi market, killing 120

Iraq (Next Media) – The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a bombing at a central Iraq market on Friday night which killed more than 100 people, making it one of the deadliest attacks the group has claimed responsibility for.

The bombing occurred at a market at the Iraqi city of Khan Bani Saad, just as locals were celebrating the end of Ramadan and hoping to find reprieve from the soaring summer heat.

As temperatures neared 35 degrees Celsius, a suicide bomber with an ice truck easily lured market-goers to his truck, saying that he was offering a discount because of the holiday. Police say hidden under the truck was at least one ton of explosives.

The explosion killed at least 120 people and injured around 140.

ISIS also claimed responsibility for a deadly car bomb attack that took place last week in another town just 30 kilometres north of Khan Bani Saad.

The Diyala provincial government has declared three days’ mourning and has ordered for all parks and entertainment places to be closed for the remainder of Ramadan in order to avoid further attacks.

SOURCES: CNN, Al Arabiya News