Kenyan government to pay hospital and funeral expenses for Garissa attack

Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto visits Garissa attack victims in hospital and says the government will clear all the bills for hospital and funeral expenses for all the victims.

NAIROBI, KENYA (APRIL 5, 2015) (MEDIA MAX K24) – Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto visited the Garissa attack victims in hospital on Sunday (April 5), pledging the government will clear all the bills for hospital and funeral expenses for all the victims.

Strapped with explosives, masked al Shabaab gunmen stormed the Garissa University College campus, some 200 km (120 miles) from the Somali border, in a pre-dawn rampage on Thursday (April 2).

Tossing grenades and spraying bullets at cowering students, the attackers initially killed indiscriminately. But they later freed some Muslims and instead targeted Christian students during a siege that lasted about 15 hours.

The death toll in that assault is likely to climb above 148, as anger grew among local residents over what they say was a government failure to prevent bloodshed.

On a visit to Kenyatta National Hospital where the students who were injured are being treated, Ruto said he was impressed with the progress of the victims as most of them are already discharged while those still in hospital were in stable condition. He said the government was going to pay the bills of all those affected.

“Government departments involved will make sure that all those affected will get a decent sendoff and the government is going to settle all the expenses both in the hospital and also the funeral expenses,” said Deputy President Ruto.

The militants have threatened to turn Kenyan cities “red with blood” with more attacks. Police have stepped up security at shopping malls and public buildings in the capital Nairobi, and in the eastern coastal region which has been prone to al Shabaab attacks.

Ruto called for unity in the war against extremism, terror and radicalisation. He put the planners, sponsors and corroborators on notice.

“We must pull together and deal with the menace of terrorism, those who are the planners of this terror and their sponsors and corroborators and all those who participate in helping them out must not succeed,” Ruto added.

Al Shabaab says its recent wave of attacks are retribution for Kenya sending troops into Somalia to fight the group alongside other African Union peacekeepers.

The group, which at one point controlled most of Somalia, has lost swathes of territory in recent years but diplomats have repeatedly warned this has not diminished al Shabaab’s ability to stage guerrilla-style attacks at home and further abroad.