Migrants wake to a fresh day of attempting to cross Channel

Migrants sleeping rough in Calais wake in makeshifts camps as they continue their daily attempts to cross the Channel tunnel.

CALAIS, FRANCE (JULY 31, 2015) (REUTERS) – Migrants woke in Calais on Friday (July 31) to a fresh day of trying to make the journey across the Channel to Britain in search of a better life.

1,700 migrants approached the Eurotunnel site on Thursday evening, with 1,000 intrusions and 30 arrests, a French police union representative said on Friday.

Migrants sleep in makeshift camps around Calais, making the northern French port one of the frontlines in Europe’s wider migrant crisis alongside Italian and Greek islands used as an entry point for those crossing the Mediterranean from Africa or the Middle East.

Freight and passenger traffic through the rail tunnel have been severely disrupted in past weeks as migrants desperate to enter Britain have stepped up attempts to board trucks and trains travelling from France.

The humanitarian and immigration crisis, in which nine migrants have died since early June according to French media, has turned into a blame game between Channel Tunnel operator Eurotunnel and French and British politicians.