Military plane crashes outside Seville airport

Amateur video purports to shows thick black smoke rising from military plane crash site outside Seville airport in Spain.

SEVILLE, SPAIN (MAY 9, 2015) (SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE) – Amateur video posted on internet on Saturday (May 9) purports to show thick black smoke rising from the site of a military plane crash near Seville airport in Spain.

A military plane crashed into a field a mile (1.6 km) north of San Pablo airport in Seville, emergency services and the Spanish defence ministry said on Saturday.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said between eight and 10 people were on board, newspaper El Pais reported. The prime minister’s office could not confirm he had said this.

It was not immediately clear how many casualties there were in the crash.

Reuters is unable to independently verify the content of the video, which has been obtained from a social media website.

Media images showed fire-fighters spraying smoking wreckage in a ploughed field. The plane was an Airbus A400M and was not being flown by the Spanish military, the defence ministry said.

The plane had not yet been delivered to the Spanish military and was under trial, El Pais said.