Nine killed in fight between bikers in Texas

Police in Waco, Texas, say gunfire at a sports bar left 9 people dead and others injured when a gun fight broke out between biker gangs.

WACO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES (MAY 17, 2015) (NBC) – Police in Waco, Texas, said on Sunday (May 17) that gunfire at a sports bar left nine people dead and several other injured after a fight broke out between biker gangs.

“It is a pretty gruesome scene,” said Waco Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton. “There’s a lot of evidence there to process which includes dead bodies, shell casings, knives, clubs, and other paraphernalia that’s up there as well.”

Police have arrested three individuals in connection with the shooting.

“All three of those individuals were carrying weapons. All three of those individuals have been arrested and they’re now facing engaging in organized crime,” said Swanton.

According to local news reports, the shootout took place in a parking lot outside the restaurant and that eight people died there and one died at a hospital.

The station reported that police had recovered firearms, knives, bats and chains at the scene. Restaurant employees locked themselves in freezers after hearing the shots, the station said.

Twin Peaks is a chain restaurant that features scantily clad women working as servers.

All of the fatalities were bikers, NBC affiliate KCEN-TV reported on its website, after police said no officers had been injured or killed.

It is uncertain if there were any casualties among patrons of the bar who were not affiliated with the bikers.