Paris in shock morning after deadly rampage

(Reuters) – Paris has been left stunned after a series of deadly attacks on the capital, as an emergence defence council meeting is called. Natasha Howitt reports.
Paris is waking up, the morning after a series of bloody shootings and bombings killed over a hundred people and left scores in a critical condition.

The country is under a state of national emergency, and at first light, the Eiffel Tower – usually lit – was dark.

Armed police patrol the streets outside Bataclan concert hall, the site of the deadliest attack.

The hall is near the former offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, the target of a deadly attack by Islamist gunmen in January.

Passersby expressed their shock.


“I needed to come here and feel what’s happening, and understand. it’s a tragic event, I’ve never been through this before. I think it’s the biggest attack that Paris, that France has ever seen, since I was born, I’m only 28. And I think it’s a sign of a difficult life for everybody, because I think our lives are going to be full of that now, all our lives, and there’s no way to stop it. And it’s very scary.”


“It feels very painful, for France, it makes me sad, it’s not good, it’s not right, it’s against humanity, it makes me feel very bad. It’s not fair, I don’t know how to express my pain because a terrorist act doesn’t move a country forward, nor does it defend religion or humanity, it’s just a savage act.”

Meanwhile, French ministers and top members of the military are meeting for an emergency defence council.

Islamic State released an undated video on Saturday threatening to attack France if bombings of its fighters continue.

France is part of the U.S. led coalition launching attacks on the group.