Plane crash death toll could increase – police

Forensic experts continue to search the crash site where a jet plane crashed into the A11 on Saturday (August 22), as police say that the death toll from the incident is likely to rise.

SHOREHAM, WEST SUSSEX, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (AUGUST 24, 2015) (ITN) – The death toll after a jet plane ploughed into a busy road in southern England while performing at an airshow could approach 20, police said on Monday (August 24), as Britain began reviewing its safety procedures for such events.

A vintage Hawker Hunter fighter jet struck several cars on Saturday (August 22) on the major road next to Shoreham airport near Brighton, where the show was taking place.

Police said on Sunday (August 23) they feared 11 people had died. A senior officer said that figure was likely to rise as police gained access to more areas of the accident scene.

The road, a major artery for traffic along the south coast, remained closed on Monday (August 24). Police said the wreckage of the aircraft was due to be moved later in the day.

Britain’s air transport regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, said that while safety standards in the country were among the most stringent in the world, it would look at whether improvements could be made.