Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane

ANC suffers worst election loss since apartheid

South Africa’s Jacob Zuma says “this is how it should be in a democracy” after his governing African National Congress party recorded its worst results since coming to power.

(REUTERS / SABC) – This is South Africa’s Nelson Mandela Bay – a long-time stronghold of the ruling African National Congress.

Election results have just come in and it appears the ANC’s hold has weakened.

The party’s electoral performance is at its worst since it came to power at the end of apartheid with Nelson Mandela at the helm.

The main opposition Democratic Alliance party – or DA – has gained considerable support.

“Maybe the DA can bring better change”, this former ANC supporter says. “Nothing seems to progress”.

Voters have become disillusioned by festering inequality, and many feel the ANC has failed to improve their lives.

President Jacob Zuma is accused of mismanaging the economy and has himself weathered several political scandals.

He acknowledged the results as they trickled in.


“These elections were hotly contested with competing parties passionately arguing their points of view in attempts to win the favour of the electorate. That is how it should be in a democracy.”

The DA’s success comes after electing their first black leader last year, as they try to shake off the image of being a party mainly serving white interests.