Anti-G20 protests send Hamburg streets into chaos

Hamburg’s streets erupt into chaos as German police face off against rioters during a protest of the G20 summit.

HAMBURG, GERMANY (Reuters) – Hamburg’s streets were helter-skelter on late Thursday (July 6) into the wee hours of Friday (July 7) morning, as German police faced off against rioters using water cannons during a protest of the G20 summit.

Shop windows could be seen broken, and burned wreckage included everything from vehicles to furniture, rubbish bins and barricades.

The demonstration, dubbed “Welcome to Hell” by the alliance of anti-capitalist groups who organised it, was said to be against the G20 for failing to solve many of the issues threatening world peace.

Police earlier said they anticipated around 100,000 protesters in the port city, some 8,000 of whom were deemed by security forces to be ready to commit violence. Up to 20,000 police officers were on hand for the main demonstration.