Author of book about Brexit says Britain needs a simple first-stage plan for least damage

New book “Understanding Brexit Options: What future for Britain?” explains and compares Hard and Soft Brexit options and variations, shows mistakes being made.

SOUTHAMPTON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 28, 2016 / — Author of a new book about Brexit, David Kauders, says that Britain needs a simple plan for a first stage of Brexit that will do the least damage. “There is only one way to make this complex project happen”, he says “and that is to stay within the European Union (EU) single market and customs union. After some years the nation can then consider if it wants to go further.”

The book compares the various Brexit options and shows what their effects and limitations are. It finds that “Britain is dependent on the single market for one-eighth of its economy, or more, whereas the average dependence of all the remaining 27 member states on their exports to the UK is 3.1% of their individual economies.

“Britain does not recognise how weak its negotiating position is. British politicians are now in a trap of their own devising. The twenty-seven remaining member states in the EU feel let down by Britain and will no longer behave as colleagues or allies. Start negotiations believing that Britain has a strong hand, then Britain will be the loser. Single-market access will then be exactly as it is for over 100 countries that are neither in the European Economic Area (EEA) nor have trade agreements with the EU: tariffs, quotas and customs checks for manufactured goods, with Britain’s European service businesses largely shut down. Forget all the arguments about the Euro, about the super-state, about the primacy of EU law. The one jewel in the crown that Britain so far has exploited to its benefit has been the single market.

“The priority is to secure what Britain’s future relationship with the EU should be and to unify the majority of British citizens around that chosen relationship. The one conclusion that is unavoidable from the analysis in the book is: no Hard Brexit without a ratified trade agreement and the informed consent of the British people first.”

“These conclusions”, says the author, “show how wrong a small minority of British politicians are in trying to force a Hard Brexit in which Britain abandons all its present trade agreements overnight in the vague hope that new ones can be implemented and exploited by businesses in zero time.”

About the book

Understanding Brexit Options: What future for Britain?
Author: David Kauders
Published by: Sparkling Books, 2016
Print edition ISBN: 9781907230653, US$18, €15, £11.99
E-book in Kindle and epub formats ISBN: 9781907230646, US$6.49, €5.99, £4.99

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