Clinton weighs in on HIV drug price hike, gay rights

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says the pharmaceutical company CEO who promised to lower the price for an HIV drug in reponse to global outrage and accusations of price gouging, hasn’t followed up.

WASHINGTON D.C., UNITED STATES (OCTOBER 3, 2015) (NBC) – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday (October 3) reiterated her call for Turing Pharmaceuticals to roll back the price of the anti-infective drug Daraprim to what it was when it was purchased by the small pharmaceutical company.

Clinton said Chief Executive Officer Martin Shkreli hasn’t lowered the price.

“Every day that he stalls, people with HIV are forced to worry and wait and pay hundreds of dollars more for medication that keeps them well. That is wrong,” Clinton said during a speech before the gay and lesbian rights group, the Human Rights Campaign.

Turing, generated outrage after it raised the cost of Daraprim to $750 from $13.50 per pill.

Clinton pledged to cap out of pocket medical costs if she were to become president.

She also told the crowd that gay and lesbian civil rights were under attack by Republicans.

“It’s outrageous than in 2015 you can still be fired for being gay, you can still lose your home for being gay. You can even be denied a wedding cake for being gay. Now, this kind of discrimination goes against everything we stand for as a country.

Clinton said if she were elected, she would push Congress to pass the Federal Equality Act.