European Parliament President doubts Greek banks will reopen, warns of ‘dramatic’ times ahead

European Parliament President Martin Schulz doubts Greek banks will reopen this week, calls for emergency humanitarian aid for Greece and demands the government make meaningful proposals on its debt to stave off ‘dramatic’ times.

AACHEN, GERMANY (JULY 5, 2015) (EUROPE BY SATELLITE) – European Parliament President Martin Schulz on Sunday (July 5) cast doubt over Greek government promises to reopen banks in the next few days, and warned that Greece faced ‘dramatic’ times ahead if its government did not make meaningful proposals on how to deal with its debt mountain in the wake of a referendum that rejected austerity.

In a pre-recorded statement Schulz said European leaders should discuss emergency humanitarian aid to the country, where banks have been closed for more than a week, in the run–up to the referendum on whether Greece should accept austerity measures demanded by the European Union and international institutions.

“The promise of the Minister of Finance that the banks will open tomorrow and that money will be available from tomorrow or Tuesday seems to me very difficult and dangerous. Therefore, because I believe that the Greek people will be during the week and in every day more difficult situation, I think we should tomorrow — and at latest on Tuesday before the eurozone summit — discuss about a humanitarian aid programme for Greece,” he said.

“I hope that the Greek government will in the next few hours make a meaningful and constructive proposals allowing that it is meaningful and possible to renegotiate. If not, we are entering into a very difficult and even dramatic time,” Schulz said.