Forty Conservative MPs ready to oust May – Sunday Times

Forty members of parliament are ready to sign a letter of no-confidence in British Prime Minister Theresa May. Katie Mark reports

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (Reuters) – Theresa May’s position as British Prime Minister is looking shakier than ever…

With as many as forty Conservative lawmakers telling the Sunday Times that they’re ready to sign a letter of no confidence in her.

That’s just eight short of the number needed to trigger a party and government leadership contest.

The Prime Minister’s faltering performance has seen numerous attacks from inside her own party.

Not least, moves to unseat her following what many saw as a disastrous speech at the annual Conservative conference.

But her government is currently portrayed by her opponents at Westminster and in the media as nothing short of political chaos

Deep divisions persist within the party over Brexit…

And May has also lost two senior cabinet ministers just this month.

Michael Fallon stepped down as defense secretary after becoming implicated in a wider scandal about sexual misconduct in Parliament,

And Priti Patel resigned as aid minister after holding secret meetings with top Israeli officials.

May’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is also coming under pressure to step down – from the man who replaced him as London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Khan claims recent statements from Johnson have managed to offend Libyans, Americans and the Spanish among others.