Macron storms to victory in French election

Emmanuel Macron has won the race for the French presidency. The 39-year-old independent centrist beats far-right rival Marine Le Pen to get the keys to the Elysee Palace. Mia Womersley reports.

FRANCE (Reuters) – France has a new president… And his name is Emmanuel Macron.

Early projections showing the 39-year-old independent centrist has won the second round vote…

Fighting off far-right wing rival Marine Le Pen

And securing the keys to the Elysee Palace.

It’s been billed as France’s most important election in recent times.

One which did away with the old left-right divide that has governed the country for decades.

Pro-EU leaders the bloc over likely breathing a sigh of relief…

As France resists the anti-establishment wave that swept Trump into power and brought about Brexit.

Macron had been economy minister under Socialist President Francois Hollande.

He left to set up his own party, En Marche! just 12 months ago.

The strongly Europe-minded ex-banker wants to cut state regulations in the economy while protecting workers.

But the ex-banker currently has no representation in the French parliament.

And the relative newcomer to politics might struggle to cobble together a centrist majority to push through his program.

Elections in June may see him forced into an awkward “cohabitation” with the right wing conservatives.

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