Anglea Merkel wins fourth term – exit polls

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been re-elected for a fourth term in federal elections, exit polls suggest. Pascale Davies reports.

(REUTERS / DRESDENPIX / AFD KOMPAKT TV) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to be reelected for a fourth term in office.

That according to exit polls – suggesting the country will once again place its trust in the experienced chancellor and her centre-right Christian Democrat-led bloc.

Her CDU party is on track to win 32.5 percent of votes, making them by far the largest parliamentary group.

But Merkel must now form a two way coalition, which could take months as all potential partners are unsure whether they want to share power with her.

CDU’s closest rivals, the center-left Social Democrats, led by Martin Schulz, slumped to 20 percent – a new post-war low.

The exit poll also showing the rightwing populist Alternatives for Germany coming third and collecting 13.5% of the vote, which could give the country its first substantial rightwing parliamentary faction since the Nazis.