Kenyan president re-elected, opposition rejects result

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta secured a second term in office, the election commission announced on Friday, but the opposition rejected the result saying the process was undermined by fraud. Lisa Bernhard reports.

NAIROBI, KENYA (Reuters) – Kenya’s incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta declared the winner in the country’s heated presidential race Friday.

Kenya’s election commission claiming he captured more than 54 percent of the vote – granting him his second and final 5-year term.

But supporters of opponent Raila Odinga of the National Super Alliance rejecting the result, claiming the election was rigged.


“This has been an entire charade, this is a disaster, you do not just hold an election for the sake of it, and the election is not about announcing winners and losers. Elections is a process, it’s about participation, it’s about exercise of political rights.”

The race marred by protests in the days prior, resulting at least four deaths.

Winner Kenyatta offering an olive branch to his opponent.

KENYAN PRESIDENT UHURU KENYATTA: “I reach out to you. I reach out to all your supporters. We shall work together. We shall partner together. We shall grow together. We shall develop this country together.”

Opponent Odinga has lost the last two elections, claiming fraud in both cases.

Many Kenyans fear a repeat of the violence that followed the 2007 contested election, when about 1,200 people were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced.