Malta divided on thoughts of murdered journalist

VALLETTA, MALTA (OCTOBER 18, 2017) (REUTERS) – The killing of prominent journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has stunned Malta but it did not come as a surprise, says her friend, Dr. Petra Caruana Dingli.

Caruana Galizia, who wrote about graft across Malta’s political divides on her blog, died when explosives ripped through her car minutes after she left her home on Monday (October 16) afternoon.

Speaking to Reuters in the Maltese capital Valletta, Caruana Dingli described her friend as a truth-seeker who wanted to right wrongs and who never sought the limelight.

An atmosphere of disbelief surrounded the killing, Caruana Dingli said, adding it would be hard to fill the gap left behind by the investigative journalist.

Caruana Galizia was a divisive figure on the Mediterranean island which has a population of some 400,000 and is the smallest European Union nation.

Labour Party MP, journalist Glenn Bedingfield said Caruana Galizia had initially sought to expose political corruption but slowly turned to gossip reporting and carrying out what he described as personal attacks on the Labour Party politicians and their family members.

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat (Labour), who was accused of wrong-doing by Caruana Galizia earlier this year and had been suing her over some of her allegations, has denounced her killing and pledged to track down those responsible.