Mexican mayor killed one day after taking office

One day after being sworn into office, the mayor of Temixco was shot to death in her own home. Julie Noce reports.

(REUTERS/ DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION PARTY) – The mayor of the Mexican city Temixco was killed just one day after being sworn into office.

Gisela Mota formally took office on Friday, January first.

The next day, she was attacked and killed by armed gunmen in her home.

Mota belonged to the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution and had promised to crack down on corruption during her inauguration speech.

Carlos Caltenco is the city’s general secretary.

We believe there were interests who felt threatened by her speech yesterday, he said.

Local police later arrested two of the alleged attackers, and killed two others.

The town of 100,000 is located about 60 miles south of Mexico City.