Mexico fires officials over jailbreak

(REUTERS/ ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE) – Mexico’s offering a reward of nearly $4 million for information leading to the recapture of escaped drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

The country’s Interior Minister says three top officials have been fired as well, including the governor of the jail from where Guzman got away.


“It had to have happened with the help of personnel and/or officials from the Altiplano Social Rehabilitation Centre. Confirming these facts, they constitute an act of corruption, disloyalty and a betrayal of Mexicans, of institutions and members of federal forces.”

The government’s said 30 officials from the jail were being interrogated over Guzman’s escape.

He got away through a tunnel below his shower area.

The tunnel, more than a kilometre long, ended at an abandoned property near the local town.

Guzman, head of the powerful Sinaloa drugs cartel and one of the world’s top crime bosses, also escaped in 2001 by bribing prison guards