Mexicos former president tears into Donald Trump

Outspoken ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox slams U.S. President Donald Trump, calling him an incompetent leader stoking worldwide fear.

SAN FRANCISCO DEL RINCON, GUANAJUATO, MEXICO (Reuters) – Outspoken former Mexican president Vicente Fox brought together former Latin American leaders to his ranch in central on Tuesday (March 28) to speak out against President Donald Trump and populism in the region.

Fox has been a vocal internet critic of Trump, frequently using a profanity-laden hashtag to denounce the border wall and slam threats to re-negotiate the NAFTA agreement.

Fox’s meeting with ex Latin American leaders like Chile’s Eduardo Frei and Costa Rica’ s Laura Chinchilla is part of his “Latin American Forum For Inclusive Democracy” event, which the former Mexican president argues is the antithesis of Trump.

With Trump’s popularity in opinion polls lagging in the mid thirties amongst Americans, Fox believes US citizens are starting to see through the American president.

Fox told Reuters Trump is not only dividing the USA but also the Republican party.