Obama calls for more investment in education

U.S. President Barack Obama lays out his plan to ensure more children graduate from school fully prepared for college and a career during his weekly address.

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (FEBRUARY 14, 2014) (WHITEHOUSE.GOV) – U.S. President Barack Obama called for more investment in children’s education during his weekly address on Saturday (February 14), which he delivered from Palo Alto, California.

“We have to equip all our kids with an education that prepares them for success, regardless of what they look like, or how much their parents make, or the zip code they live in,” Obama said.

In his fiscal year 2016 budget blueprint, a political document that must be approved by Congress in order to take effect, Obama proposed a series of programs intended to help middle-income Americans. He said they would be paid for through the implementation of higher taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals.

The U.S. budget deficit, down from the $1 trillion-plus levels of Obama’s first four years and a $483 billion gap in fiscal 2014, will stay largely flat in 2016, then begin to march upward due to rising costs for debt and caring for fast-retiring Baby Boomers.

Estimates by the Congressional Budget Office kick off what promises to be a contentious budget debate in Washington.

Republicans now in control of Congress seek to eliminate deficits within 10 years with cuts to social safety net programs while lowering tax rates and boosting military spending.

Obama and his Democrats have proposed new education and infrastructure spending and tax breaks for middle-class Americans to set the agenda for the 2016 presidential election.