Protesters march against Trump in New York

Protesters take to the streets of New York, calling for an end to the Trump presidency.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (Reuters) – Protesters took to the streets of New York Monday (September 18), holding signs calling for an end to the Trump presidency as President Donald Trump returned to New York for the United Nations meetings.

The demonstrators walked through the streets on new York, with several people carrying a banner that said, “Dethrone Trump, White Supremacist in Chief.” A woman held a sign saying “USA founded by genocide & built by slaves. Shame on us.”

Ahead of his maiden speech to the annual U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday (September 19), Trump on Monday criticized the United Nations for bloated bureaucracy and mismanagement on his first visit on Monday to U.N. headquarters, calling for “truly bold reforms” so it could be a greater force for world peace.