Religious leaders and civil society groups call for ANC MPs to vote Zuma out

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA (AUGUST 7, 2017) (REUTERS) – Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Cape Town under the banner, Unite Behind Coalition, on Monday (August 7), calling on members of parliament to vote President Jacob Zuma out.

The protesters from civil society groups, along with several religious leaders, marched peacefully across Cape Town’s city centre to parliament, where the speaker of South Africa’s parliament Baleka Mbete announced her decision for a secret ballot vote in Zuma’s motion of no-confidence on Tuesday (August 8).

The decision could embolden members of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) to vote against Zuma, which puts him in a precarious position as he struggles to fend off opposition accusations of corruption and mismanagement of the economy.

If the motion succeeds, Zuma and his entire cabinet would have to step down.

Eight previous no-confidence motions against Zuma have failed as the ANC has a commanding majority in parliament but they were all held through an open process.

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