Resignation again strikes scandal-ridden UK govt

International Development Minister Priti Patel has resigned amid reports of undisclosed meetings with senior Israeli politicians. It’s yet another blow to UK PM Theresa May. Jacob Greaves reports.

London, United Kingdom (UK POOL, REUTERS, PARLIAMENT TV) – Think of the plot for a political drama — and it might come close to Theresa May’s week.

The British Prime Minister losing another senior cabinet minister Wednesday evening.

This time Priti Patel, in charge of the UK’s aid budget, hauled back to Downing Street, then resigning after a meeting with May.

Though it had the hallmarks of a firing in all but name.

It comes amid reports she secretely met senior Israeli politicians on a private holiday.

The undisclosed meetings including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A spokesperson for May says she had no knowledge of the meetings.

Patel just the latest domino to fall.

Last week May’s Defence minister resigned over sexual harrassment allegations.

And two other senior ministers are under investigation in the same scandal.

Meanwhile foreign minister Boris Johnson is under fire too.

Critics say his comments about an aid worker jailed in Iran could leave the British-Iranian woman facing a longer prison term.

The spiralling Westminster drama is causing some to doubt May’s ability to lead during Brexit negotiations.

Opposition lawmakers saying the government has a ‘stench of death about it’

All this on the day London’s Madame Tussauds unveils its waxwork version of the PM.

She will now reside in the museum next to other world leader doppelgangers.

For quite how long though… that’s once again the question being asked in Westminster.