Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia’s Putin calls for renewed efforts against corruption

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls for renewed efforts against corruption at a meeting in Moscow

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (JANUARY 26, 2016) (RUSSIAN PRESIDENTIAL PRESS SERVICE) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday (January 26) that government officials in the country must move forward in an anti-corruption campaign.

He referred to public opinion surveys which show deep public distrust in state authorities whom millions see as corrupt.

Addressing the officials in Moscow Putin said that the task would be a great challenge.

“In general there is a huge amount of work here. And the question is not about scoring some obvious victories in this field today or tomorrow. I think it’s a difficult task, maybe even an elusive one. But if we stop it will get worse. We need to move only forward,” he said.

The meeting came after a U.S. Treasury official said the United States considers Russian President Vladimir Putin to be corrupt and that it has known this for “many, many years,” the BBC reported on Monday (January 25).

The Kremlin has denied such allegations. For his part, Putin has repeatedly said that he has read press reports about his immense wealth, including that he was even the world’s richest man, but he has denied those reports as nonsense.